Central European Brewers Conference

september 29 - october 1, 2021

See you in 2022!

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“CEBC 2019 was a great way to learn about and interact with a wide range of brewers from across Europe who are eager to share knowledge and encourage each other in their pursuits. Only in its second year, the range of topics was diverse and its crowd was attentive and engaged. It’s clearly tapping in to a need!”

— Michael Kiser, Good Beer Hunting


at RAM Colosseum Rock Museum
Budapest, Kárpát u. 23, 1133 (Pannonia Street entrance)

We are very pleased to announce that our next Central European Brewers Conference will take place on September 29 – October 1, 2021 Budapest.

Don't be afraid to book your ticket. If travel restrictions force us to cancel the CEBC all tickets are fully refundable.

Evan Rail

We are also pleased to announce that Evan Rail, award winning journalist for the New York Times will once again lead us through a series of seminars and round table discussions from industry leading presenters.

CEBC 2021

The 2nd annual Central European Brewers Conference (CEBC) wrapped up with over 150 attendees representing brewers and exhibitors from: Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Serbia, Norway, Holland and Sweden.

We are now working on the 2021 conference so check this site for updates. In the meantime please check out the videos of the event below and the photo gallery as well.


The Central European Craft Brewers Conference (CEBC) is an annual conference and trade show representing the craft beer industry in Central Europe.

The conference is a trade only event open to any craft brewery or supplier and will provide an opportunity to network in a community of great brewers from the region. Meet craft beer distributors, beer journalists and those working in the world of craft beer to share ideas and have a few informative days away from the brewery.

The conference will include a variety of content such as educational seminars led by industry-leading presenters, brewery tours, boat cruise on the Danube and social events.

We are also hosting the second annual European Craft Beer Cup. The price of your all access ticket includes your first beer entry into the competition. This is a competition with certified Judges from the region and abroad. (See details below)

Seating is limited so please book early and take advantage of the discount ticket price!


Industry leading presenters from top regional brewers, Fermentis, BarthHaas X, Lallemand, New York Times craft beer journalist and many others

Craft Beer Danube boat cruise to check out Budapest at night
Seminars designed with the brewer in mind focusing on relevant business information that can help you grow your business
Network with exhibitors that have products and services to meet your growing business needs
“An event like this has been missing for a long time in Central Europe. Amazing organization, professional talks and great networking. A must visit for any brewer.”
— Marek Mahut, Brewer at JBM Brew Lab

2021 Presenters

Evan Rail is the author of the award-winning essays “Why Beer Matters” and “The Meanings of Craft Beer,” and has served as a judge at numerous competitions, including the International Beer Challenge (London), World Beer Idol (Czech Republic), Stockholm Beer and Whiskey Festival and Birra dell’Anno (Italy).
He is a regular contributor of articles about European beer for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Beer Advocate, All About Beer, Imbibe, Saveur, Good Beer Hunting and other publications.

Seminar Topic: What beers will we be drinking in 2025, and why? And what will the bigger picture challenges be?

Tim Webb is a UK-based writer and industry commentator, who sees the beer world from the consumer perspective. He used to run the Great British Beer Festival; helped found the UK’s first specialist beer book publishing company; wrote Good Beer Guide Belgium (1992-2018); and co-writes The World Atlas of Beer (2012 to date), which has appeared in 10 languages. He is an international beer judge and Executive member of European Beer Consumer Union (EBCU).

Seminar Topic: Solutions for Brewing Low Alcohol Beer

Andy will explore the various options for creating low alcohol beer by biological means. He will cover the key considerations for wort production, strain selection and stabilization post fermentation.

Andrew Paterson has been working for Lallemand since 2018. Prior to this he worked for several years as Head Brewer at Dark Star Brewing Company and at Brewdog brewery in Scotland. His strong practical brewing experience is backed up with a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Edinburgh, and a Masters degree in Brewing and Distilling from Heriot Watt University. In more recent years Andrew has turned his attention to the growing field of low alcohol beer and will share his insights in the seminar.

Seminar Topic: Kettle souring a customized solution to brew acid beer.

Gilles will explore the kettle souring process advantages and how to manage lactic fermentation’s parameters with a homofermentative and a heterofermentative lactic bacteria to produce customized sour beers.

Gilles Goemaere Hailing from Belgium Gilles graduated from the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve as a Bio-Engineer with a specialization in Malting and Brewing Sciences and has over ten years’ experience in the brewing industry. Firstly, as a Master Brewer in a microbrewery in Belgium and more recently as technical support for Fermentis where he has acquired a strong experience solving technical and microbiological issues in customers’ breweries.

Seminar Topic: Spontaneous fermentation

A case study from Wild Creatures (Czech Republic). We will explore how to use the local microflora, how to process the fruit and what issues arise in barrel aging lambic style beers? This seminar will include tasting of Jitka’s award winning beer.

Jitka Ilčíková, after a ten-year career in finance Jitka decided to fully step into the world of brewing by starting Wild Creatures Brewery, in Mikulov, a wine-growing region of Czech Republic. She has built upon the vintners skill and her love for spontaneous fermentation to develop multi-award winning barrel-aged beers.

Seminar Topic: Plastic Kegs; sustainable packaging?

It is impossible to imagine our society without sustainability as a theme, but it is also difficult to envision a society without plastics.
But how sustainable is the packaging we use for beer? We zoom in on plastic (Key)Keg packaging designed in 2012 with a circular design.
Some of the subjects that will be discussed during this seminar are; circularity compared to recycling, sustainability of plastic (Key)Keg packaging and our goals for the coming years.

Michiel de Jagar started working for Lightweight Containers (now OneCircle) for 6 years ago. During his time he was responsible for sales in over 100 countries and noticed that there were are lot of inquiries and questions about the sustainability of plastic packaging. Together with colleagues they have been working on sustainability initiatives in several countries, which have resulted in some really interesting solutions which Michiel would be happy to discuss.

Seminar Topic: Quality from keg to tap

The presentation aims to reveal information on how to bring quality draught beer to the consumer. Ranging from keg spear handling to global trends in draught beer and on-trade quality

Marc Stoffels After studying International Business in Liège (Belgium), Marc specialized in technical sales. His passion led him 2011 towards the beer industry where he has obtained extended experience in all draught beer dispensing issues – from keg to tap. Currently he is employed as key account manager for Micro Matic, a global leader in dispense technologies.

Panel discussion on Export: challenges and opportunities

Máté Farkas is the export sales representative and brand ambassador of White Rabbit Brewing. He has been working in and related to the brewing industry for 7 years, studied food science at SZIE University with a focus on brewing and distilling.

Meet the Brewer

Tom O’Hara
Operations director and former head brewer at Garden Brewery in Zagreb.

Seminar Topic: From Brewpub to Microbrewery: Supply chain, the biggest challenge

The Covid-19 pandemic has been an existential crisis for many in the hospitality industry. With repeated lockdowns we faced a game-changing challenge that would determine our survival. We will discuss how we shifted from a brewpub to a microbrewery and how we managed a common problem to craft breweries: Cold supply chain. What happens to our beers after they leave our brewery? Is proper storing and serving of the beer the responsibility of the brewery or the bar/restaurant?
In this talk we will describe the challenges we faced and the solutions we implemented to turn a threatened business into a sound and growing one with great potential for the future.

Thanasis Polynikis and  Christos Alexiou are two of the co-founders of Pivo Microbrewery in Cyprus. Christos lived for many years in the Czech Republic, where he obtained his degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague. He is the head brewer of Pivo Microbrewery. Thanasis is a mathematician with a PhD in Engineering Mathematics, University of Bristol. In 2015, Thanasis moved from teaching to brewing and is now one of the brewers of Pivo Microbrewery.

Seminar Topic: Hops In, Hops Out – Bigger impact and less waste

The seminar will go through the process of dry-hopping, focusing on all the ways to increase hop flavours and reduce beer loses. Learn how to maximize the aromas in your beers though oxygen control, bio-transformations and a variety of technologies available.

Enrico Prenni is super passionate about hops and their flavours. His first degree is in environmental engineering which allowed him to survive for 15 years – while secretly home brewing in his garage. With a passion for beer, science, books and chemistry, he did his second degree in Brewing Technologies and focused on the field of aromas.

Seminar Topic: Critical factors in IPA design apart from hops

From water chemistry and grist composition to pH parameters and dry-hopping techniques, Blake will teach you how to brew your best IPA (hazy or not) without worrying about what hops are going into it.

Blake Enemark began his brewing career in Toronto under some of Canada’s most iconic brewers. After moving to Calgary in 2016, he helped develop one of the province’s most popular IPAs and has since won provincial and national awards for his beers. He is now the head brewer at Tailgunner Brewing in downtown Calgary.

Seminar Topic: Recent developments and concerns in malting

New regulations, specific customer needs and quality fluctuations create challenges to our industry from year to year. What technical innovations are available to adapt to these changes? How did the lockdowns and lower beer consumption impact the malting industry? In what way can you differentiate your products from your competitors and what phenomenon’s can be observed in raw material sourcing?

Csaba Papp works for The Swaen Dutch malthouse as the Key Account and Distribution Manager. He joined the company as it rebranded with a new look, an extension of the assortment and international expansion – a challenging, but also a successful period, of which he has played his part by building and maintaining strong, trusted customer relationships with large international breweries, local distributors and wholesalers. Csaba is also an enthusiastic homebrewer and has a degree as a Brewing Master Consultant.

Lead Judge at the European Craft Beer Cup (ECBC)

Istvan Vasarhelyi has 10 years of experience judging in beer competitions, he is a gastro and beer-blogger, Beer and Food pairing expert and permanent gastronomic consultant to the Hungarian Brewers Association.


Please click on the button for the detailed schedule of seminars and presenters.

“Many thanks for such an inspiring and interesting conference. Very professionally organized with a great mix of presenters and participants. We’d be happy to attend next year with a new class of brewing students from southern Sweden.”

— Jakob Thomsgård Lärare, Yrkeshögskolan Kristianstad Brewing School


Be part of the next big thing in craft brewing…

Join us on September 29 – october 1, 2021 in the heart of Budapest for our third annual Central European Brewers Conference (CEBC) where industry stalwarts and the next generation of dedicated artisans share their vision for the exciting world of European craft brewing. The CEBC looks to set itself apart by offering exhibitors the opportunity to engage with delegates, speakers and fellow exhibitors in a more intimate, focused forum to discuss our love of craft brewing as well as insightful business opportunities and challenges. Participants enjoyed the passion and collaboration displayed at our first and second CEBC and, with our new venue for 2021, exhibitors will now benefit from expanded opportunities to network and promote their offerings.

We offer 3 x 2 meter booths to fit your needs as well as all the amenities to showcase your contribution to the art. We hope you join us in 2021 to celebrate craft brewing while making valuable business connections.

Click on the images below for more information on our exhibitor opportunities and floorplan.

For more details, contact Tony Prior at tony.prior@cebcexpo.eu or by phone: +36 20 911 9807.


The Central European Brewers Conference offers a wide range of sponsorship opportunities for exhibitors to market their products and services to the independent craft brewer industry in addition to hosting their exhibition stand.

By becoming a sponsor, brewers will:

Click on the button below for more information on our exhibitor opportunities.

For more details, contact Tony Prior at tony.prior@cebcexpo.eu or by phone: +36 20 911 9807.

European Craft Beer Cup

Competition will be held during the CEBC and final awards will be presented on Friday October 1st. We are now creating the new expanded categories for 2021 and will update soon. See below for the 2021 details.

“I’m happy to report the award we won at the European Brewers Cup as a part of the CEBC has caught fire in Slovenia. Everyone is really excited about it. Cheers! ”

— Anita Lozar, Brewery at Pivovarna Pelicon Slovenia


Budapest has a ton of great apartments to rent through the usual sites (airbnb.com, booking.com etc) but if you prefer to go the Hotel route here are a few ones close by the venue.

Lions Garden Hotel

10 Minute walk to the Durer Kert Location

Address: H-1146 Budapest, Cházár András u. 4

phone: +36-1-273-2070

E-Mail: info@lions-garden.com

Website: www.lions-garden.com

Star City Hotel

The Star City is an 11 minutes walk from Durer kert where the CEBC will be held and easy access to the center of the city.

Address:H-1051 Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 5.

Email: sales@mellowmoodhotels.com

Tel +36 1 790 5868


Parking: There is free parking at the Venue.

Public transport: to get to Zichy Géza bus station, take trolleybus nr. 74 or 75 or night bus nr. 979.

Taxis: Download the Bolt app for an easy way to order taxis.