Craft Brewers Master Class

Dates: Oct 3, 4, 2021 (Sunday, Monday)

Place: Hedon Brewery Balatonvilágos, Petőfi Sándor u. 46, 8171.

Hedon Brewery is located on the shores of Lake Balaton in Balatonvilagos. It is about a 1:15 minute drive or 1:30 Minutes train ride from Budapest.

Cost: 300 Euro
Accommodation: 9,000 HUF/night based on shared occupancy (3 per apartment). There are 5 newly renovated apartments above the brewery. You can see pictures of the apartments below.
Food: Not included but the apartments have full kitchens so you can bring your own food or order from one of the many options of take-away from Balatonvilagos or Siofok.

The event is going to be held in both Hungarian and English.

Day 1

Trainer: Blake Enemark

Blake began his brewing career in Toronto under some of Canada’s most iconic brewers. 

After moving to Calgary in 2016, he helped develop one of the province’s most popular IPAs and has since won provincial and national awards for his beers. He is now the head brewer at Tailgunner Brewing in downtown Calgary.

NEIPA: We will brew a 2000 litre batch of NEIP together and will cover all aspects of the process. Blake will walk us through the critical factors in IPA design from water chemistry and grist composition to pH parameters and dry-hopping techniques, Blake will teach you how to brew your best IPA!

Day 2

Trainer: Csaba Pető

Csaba graduated from brewing school in 2013 followed by on-the-job training as a contract brewer in a number of breweries in Hungary. He became the head brewer at Hedon in 2017 and just because he wasn’t busy enough, he also took on the role of operations manager in 2019. He has a special passion for Pilsners and he brews one of the best!

Pilsner: We’re going to brew a 2000L batch of Pilsner today – a classic at Hedon. Csaba will discuss the basics of designing Pilsner beers, the specifics of the category, and walk us through every step of the process from Milling, Mashing, Lautering, Boiling, Whirlpooling, Cooling, Fermentation, Conditioning and Packaging.