Seminar Topic: Building a Better Beer Culture

American craft beer has ignited a global resurgence in small-scale brewing. Yet certain regions have produced more successful breweries, more interest in beer, and cultures that truly support brewing — through good times and bad. How did Southern California, Central Colorado, and Western Oregon build such deep beer cultures, and what lessons do these examples contain for other places?

Keynote Speaker Jeff Alworth has been writing about beer and brewing for over 25 years and is the award-winning author of several books, including The Beer Bible and The Secrets of Master Brewers. He has taught university courses about beer and the brewing business, and regularly leads educational tastings and events. In addition to his books, Jeff writes articles, maintains his long-running website Beervana, and co-hosts the Beervana Podcast with university economist Patrick Emerson.

Seminar Topic: Brand storytelling: A way to own a unique voice in a noisy market.
Don’t put the cart before your horse: First you need a good beer. Then you need a great brand. Then you need an even greater Brand Story. Storytelling is a powerful way to engage consumers of all kinds and all demographics because it is evoking emotions which is a shortest and most memorable way of connecting humans. Great brands are always great storytellers too. There are number of ways you can use storytelling to capture the imagination, and open the wallet of your consumers, and I will try to show you how.

Andrea Dickinson has an undergraduate degree in Communications and Media Science and an MBA. She has twenty years of experience including working at BBC TV London and as CEO of the Ogilvy Group Budapest. Her focus has been on helping companies to differentiate themselves by building their brand as the driver of growth.

Seminar Topic: The best practices in Content Creation for Beer Brands
Any craft brewery seeking to connect, resonate, and build loyalty amongst younger generations must have the ability to continuously create content for audiences that crave authenticity and inspiring engagement. This seminar will outline the best practices in content creation for beer brands and why this is essential for success in the future.

Kevin Jackson has been an entrepreneur for more than two decades that includes ventures in augmented reality, virtual reality, and online education. In 2017, he began teaching at Corvinus University and at the ESSCA School of Management and his latest courses include Consumer Behavior, Services Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Data Analytics and Market Insight.

Seminar Topic: Funding opportunities for breweries and how to structure your business to get them

The Hungarian experts of global auditor and consulting company PwC are well aware of the current financial/economic struggles and difficulties of SME’s in the EU. Based on their experience gathered in similar cases and projects, they will hold a session covering the following topics:
– Opportunities of EU and/or private funding for SME’s to counterbalance financial difficulties
– Financial administration goals and structural steps to be taken to achieve reliability and efficiency.
– Preparing for investments: consolidation of internal processes and controls from an investor perspective.

Dávid Szilágyi is a Senior Manager working as the head of PwC Hungary’s Strategy & Operations Consulting team. During his career he was mainly involved in business transformation (business and operating model design: governance model, organization- and process design, implementation planning) and operational efficiency projects. He has worked with several startups to support the consolidation of their operations and solidify their business case, he consulted them on business models, financial planning, go-to-market strategy, and pitching. In his own words “He is also quite into the magical combination of water, malt, hops and yeast.”

Gábor Benedek is a certified economist who leads the PwC European Union and International Development Policies team. He participated in several SME development, economic development, green finance, and international development projects. He also participated in the Fit for Export USA project as project manager and expert, which prepared Hungarian SMEs to enter the US market.

Vivien Roka is a senior manager of the Valuation team within PwC’s Financial Advisory Department. She has ten years of professional experience in business valuation, financial analysis, modelling, business plan preparation and review, and M&A project management. During her recent projects, Vivien participated in the valuation, preparation and review of business plans, valuation of intangible assets, feasibility studies and financing advice.

Seminar Topic: Grodziskie: History, Revival, and Brewing Tips

Marek Kamiński is a brewer and beer expert, co-founder and brewmaster of Polish craft brewery Browar Kingpin. He is well-travelled international beer, cider and mead judge with experience at the European Beer Star, Brussels Beer Challenge, Birra dell’ Anno, International Beer Cup Japan, Concurso Brasileiro de Cervejas and many other competitions.

Marek is a co-founder and president of Polish Craft Brewers Association, organiser, proctor and grader for BJCP Beer, Cider and Mead Judge certification, BJCP EMEA Regional Director, contributor to periodicals, and runs beer education classes and regular tasting events.
Seminar Topic: Design Great Beers with a focus on efficiency and cost savings!
The seminar offers actionable insights on optimizing the brewing process for enhanced efficiency and cost savings. Central to the seminar is the strategy of optimizing malt usage, which can significantly reduce expenses. Key highlights of the seminar include the importance of proper malt milling and precise control of mashing temperatures. Special attention is given to understanding gelatinization temperatures for malt, a critical factor for ensuring the effective conversion of starches into fermentable sugars.

Artur Kamiński – Viking Malt Sales Manager responsible for developing the sales network in the craft brewery sector in Poland and south-central Europe. Certified Beer Judge with 10 years of experience and a passionate homebrewer.

Seminar Topic: Cost savings in the brewing process from the yeast side.
2022 and 2023 have been challenging years, with rising costs in beer production as well as a reduction in consumer purchasing power. As we approach 2024, now is the moment to examine how to improve your breweries’ output as much as possible while protecting the essence of your brewing project. We recommend a few steps to analyse and find how to optimize your production processes, safeguard the quality of your beers, and ultimately conserve energy during this technical presentation.

Carlos De La Barra has a BSc. Natural and Exact Sciences (Chile) and MSc. Food And Biotechnology (Austria) and has been working in the wine and beer industry for 20 years, gaining experience by working and living in France, New Zealand, USA, and Sweden. He previously held the role of Technical Brewing Manager for Omnipollo, before joining Lallemand as Technical Sales Manager

Sensory Training – What’s that Smell?

Uncover the secrets behind the flavour compounds that shape your brews and learn how to implement a Sensory Program at Your Brewery.” This targeted session is designed to equip craft brewers with the essential knowledge and practical skills needed to successfully integrate a sensory program into their brewing operations. From laying the groundwork to advanced olfactory techniques, you’ll gain valuable insights on how to systematically identify, evaluate, and control the character of your beers. Whether you’re a seasoned brewer looking to refine your approach or a newcomer eager to grasp the intricacies of sensory science, this workshop offers a practical roadmap for elevating the overall quality of your brews.
Cara Simpson with a degree in Politics from Goldsmith’s in London, Cara is an experienced beer taster who has judged in beer industry competitions in Europe, Mexico, Brazil & the US. Having joined the company in 2015, Cara currently provides technical support to professional beer taster panels all over the world. Cara has received more than 300 hours of beer taster training since joining Cara Technology. She has facilitated Craft Beer taster training courses in the UK and USA and currently supports more than 100 beer tasting panels in both small and large breweries.